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Our Design Process


Suncrest Cabinets is a versatile manufacturer, supplying traditional, transitional, and contemporary style cabinetry.

Suncrest Cabinets is dedicated to providing you with a beautifully customized product that is tailored for your space. Our comprehensive process includes:

1 - Free showroom consultation

2 - Creative and knowledgeable Designing

3 - Manufactured in our local factory

4 - Professional installation and service by our own installation team.

As a well-established, versatile cabinetry manufacturer, we can provide you with various types and styles of cabinetry such as:

Contemporary cabinets

This wildly popular design style, which is constantly evolving and being reinvented, is very well-suited to Suncrest Cabinets’ manufacturing capabilities. There is a wide range of door materials and colours in this category which is constantly changing to reflect the individual tastes and needs of a modern clientele. From industrial-looking engineered woods to high-gloss finishes, Suncrest Cabinets can supply everything, and help with innovative ideas and designs.

Transitional Cabinets

This is a very popular design trend, incorporating traditional and contemporary styles. It marries the two together in a blend which satisfies the need for change, but maintains the security and comfort of older proven style. We have a broad range of colours and door styles in the category, often combining white or off-white doors with a richly stained island custom piece.

Traditional cabinets

Our traditional cabinetry harkens back to an era of solid craftsmanship, combining excellent design with beautiful door styles and finishes. We supply oak, maple, cherry wood, walnut, and other fine materials, all professionally finished in a side choice of colours by the experts in our paint shop.

Design Tools

Our sales and design staff members are highly qualified, with many years of experience, to help you with your kitchen or custom cabinet project. We incorporate 20/20 computer-generated design, as well as hand-drawn detailed drawings in our design process. Contact us now for more details.

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